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Cold Store Workwear Clothing

This range of workwear is designed exclusive for use in coldstores and refrigerated work areas. These garments are extremely heavy duty and are suitable for temperatures down to -40 centigrade.

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Thermal Grip Glove - A140

Thermal Grip Glove - A140£1.55 (exc VAT)£1.86 (inc VAT)

Thermal Soft Grip Glove - A143

Thermal Soft Grip Glove - A143£1.55 (exc VAT)£1.86 (inc VAT)

Hand Protection
Thermolite Thermal Liner - A115

Thermolite Thermal Liner - A115£1.71 (exc VAT)£2.05 (inc VAT)

Hand Protection
Reversible Hi Vis Beanie Hat - HA14

Reversible Hi Vis Beanie Hat - HA14£2.25 (exc VAT)£2.70 (inc VAT)

Portwest Workwear
Cold Grip Glove - A145

Cold Grip Glove - A145£2.33 (exc VAT)£2.80 (inc VAT)

Hand Protection
Fleece Balaclava - CS20

Fleece Balaclava - CS20£2.40 (exc VAT)£2.88 (inc VAT)

Portwest Workwear
Portwest Wintershield Glove - A280

Portwest Wintershield Glove - A280£2.40 (exc VAT)£2.88 (inc VAT)

Hand Protection
Fingerless Knit Insulatex Glove - GL14

Fingerless Knit Insulatex Glove - GL14£2.95 (exc VAT)£3.54 (inc VAT)

Portwest Workwear
Knit Glove Insulatex Lined - GL13

Knit Glove Insulatex Lined - GL13£3.26 (exc VAT)£3.91 (inc VAT)

Portwest Workwear
Neck Tube - CS21

Neck Tube - CS21£3.33 (exc VAT)£4.00 (inc VAT)

Portwest Workwear
Fleece Glove Insulatex Lined - GL12

Fleece Glove Insulatex Lined - GL12£3.88 (exc VAT)£4.66 (inc VAT)

Portwest Workwear
Dickies Thermal Gloves - GL55030

Dickies Thermal Gloves - GL55030£4.80 (exc VAT)£5.76 (inc VAT)

Dickies Workwear
Cat Thermal Gripster Gloves - 17410

Cat Thermal Gripster Gloves - 17410£5.53 (exc VAT)£6.64 (inc VAT)

Caterpillar Workwear
Winter Trapper Cap - HA13

Winter Trapper Cap - HA13£6.28 (exc VAT)£7.54 (inc VAT)

Portwest Workwear
Siberia Cold Store Glove - A750

Siberia Cold Store Glove - A750£8.91 (exc VAT)£10.69 (inc VAT)

Hand Protection
FR Anti-Static Balaclava - FR09

FR Anti-Static Balaclava - FR09£13.49 (exc VAT)£16.19 (inc VAT)

Portwest Workwear
Helly Hansen Bodų Half Sleeve - 70703

Helly Hansen Bodų Half Sleeve - 70703£17.85 (exc VAT)£21.42 (inc VAT)

Helly Hansen Workwear
Helly Hansen Bodų Apron - 70701

Helly Hansen Bodų Apron - 70701£26.78 (exc VAT)£32.14 (inc VAT)

Helly Hansen Workwear
Portwest Orkney Lined Coverall - S816

Portwest Orkney Lined Coverall - S816£32.01 (exc VAT)£38.41 (inc VAT)

Lined Coveralls
Helly Hansen Bodų Coat - 70702

Helly Hansen Bodų Coat - 70702£44.64 (exc VAT)£53.57 (inc VAT)

Helly Hansen Workwear
Dickies Lined Overall - WD2360R

Dickies Lined Overall - WD2360R£45.60 (exc VAT)£54.72 (inc VAT)

Dickies Coverall
Hi Vis Contrast Quilted Coverall - S485

Hi Vis Contrast Quilted Coverall - S485£51.46 (exc VAT)£61.75 (inc VAT)

Hi Vis Workwear
Winter Coverall - S585

Winter Coverall - S585£54.95 (exc VAT)£65.94 (inc VAT)

Helly Hansen Tromsų Bib - 70400

Helly Hansen Tromsų Bib - 70400£58.93 (exc VAT)£70.72 (inc VAT)

Helly Hansen Workwear
Dunlop Purofort Plus Wellington - C762933

Dunlop Purofort Plus Wellington - C762933£60.74 (exc VAT)£60.74 (inc VAT)

Dunlop Safety Wellingtons
Dunlop Purofort+ Full Safety Wellington - C762041

Dunlop Purofort+ Full Safety Wellington - C762041£62.30 (exc VAT)£62.30 (inc VAT)

Dunlop Safety Wellingtons
Dickies Waterproof Padded Coveralls - WP15000

Dickies Waterproof Padded Coveralls - WP15000£66.80 (exc VAT)£80.16 (inc VAT)

Dickies Waterproof Coveralls
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