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Cotton Workwear

Cotton is an extremely versatile fabric for use in manufacturing workwear. All these products feature very high if not 100% cotton content. This makes them extremely light, comfortable and quick-drying.

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Portwest Turin Premium T Shirt - B195

Portwest Turin Premium T Shirt - B195£3.72 (exc VAT)£4.46 (inc VAT)

Portwest Turin Premium T Shirt - B195
Dickies T Shirt - SH34225

Dickies T Shirt - SH34225£6.00 (exc VAT)£7.20 (inc VAT)

Dickies Workwear
Dickies Two Tone Polo Shirt - SH2004

Dickies Two Tone Polo Shirt - SH2004£9.60 (exc VAT)£11.52 (inc VAT)

Dickies Workwear
Cotton Bib & Brace - C881

Cotton Bib & Brace - C881£12.71 (exc VAT)£15.25 (inc VAT)

Cotton Bib & Brace
Portwest Painters Shorts - S791

Portwest Painters Shorts - S791£12.71 (exc VAT)£15.25 (inc VAT)

Painters Clothing
Bromley Chefs Trousers - C079

Bromley Chefs Trousers - C079£12.94 (exc VAT)£15.53 (inc VAT)

Portwest Chefswear
Portwest Painters Trouser - S817

Portwest Painters Trouser - S817£13.02 (exc VAT)£15.62 (inc VAT)

Painters Clothing
Barnet Chefs Trousers - C075

Barnet Chefs Trousers - C075£13.25 (exc VAT)£15.90 (inc VAT)

Portwest Chefswear
Chester Chefs Trousers - C078

Chester Chefs Trousers - C078£13.25 (exc VAT)£15.90 (inc VAT)

Portwest Chefswear
Greenwich Chefs Trousers - S884

Greenwich Chefs Trousers - S884£13.56 (exc VAT)£16.27 (inc VAT)

Portwest Chefswear
Sussex Chefs Jacket - C836

Sussex Chefs Jacket - C836£13.56 (exc VAT)£16.27 (inc VAT)

Portwest Chefswear
Euro Cotton Overall Coverall - S998

Euro Cotton Overall Coverall - S998£13.64 (exc VAT)£16.37 (inc VAT)

Norwich Chefs Jacket - C771

Norwich Chefs Jacket - C771£14.11 (exc VAT)£16.93 (inc VAT)

Portwest Chefswear
Painters Bib & Brace - S810

Painters Bib & Brace - S810£14.34 (exc VAT)£17.21 (inc VAT)

Painters Clothing
Aberdeen Chefs Jacket - C774

Aberdeen Chefs Jacket - C774£14.65 (exc VAT)£17.58 (inc VAT)

Portwest Chefswear
Cambridge Chefs Jacket - C775

Cambridge Chefs Jacket - C775£14.65 (exc VAT)£17.58 (inc VAT)

Portwest Chefswear
Lee Cooper Pique Polo Shirt - LCTS011

Lee Cooper Pique Polo Shirt - LCTS011£15.28 (exc VAT)£18.34 (inc VAT)

Lee Cooper Workwear
Krakow Jacket - CW10

Krakow Jacket - CW10£15.50 (exc VAT)£18.60 (inc VAT)

Portwest Workwear
Bizweld Flame Retardant Trousers - BZ30

Bizweld Flame Retardant Trousers - BZ30£15.60 (exc VAT)£18.72 (inc VAT)

Flame retardant trousers.
Cotton Coverall - C806

Cotton Coverall - C806£16.97 (exc VAT)£20.36 (inc VAT)

Cotton Coveralls
Dickies Stonewashed Work Jeans - WD1693

Dickies Stonewashed Work Jeans - WD1693£18.00 (exc VAT)£21.60 (inc VAT)

Dickies Trousers
Helly Hansen Chelsea T-Shirt - 79135

Helly Hansen Chelsea T-Shirt - 79135£18.75 (exc VAT)£22.50 (inc VAT)

Helly Hansen Workwear
Portwest Dubai Coverall - C812

Portwest Dubai Coverall - C812£18.91 (exc VAT)£22.69 (inc VAT)

Dickies Painters Bib & Brace -  WD650

Dickies Painters Bib & Brace - WD650£20.13 (exc VAT)£24.16 (inc VAT)

Dickies Painters Clothing
Cotton Boilersuit Coverall - C811

Cotton Boilersuit Coverall - C811£20.85 (exc VAT)£25.02 (inc VAT)

Portwest Iona Cotton Coverall - C814

Portwest Iona Cotton Coverall - C814£20.93 (exc VAT)£25.12 (inc VAT)

Bizweld Flame Retardant Cargo Pant - BZ31

Bizweld Flame Retardant Cargo Pant - BZ31£21.31 (exc VAT)£25.57 (inc VAT)

Flame retardant trousers.
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