It is true to say that most people have to wear suitable and specific clothing to work. Those who work in offices for example may need to wear a shirt or smart dress each day. Of course, there are many sectors where practical workwear is a must. This includes everything from plumbers to carpet fitters, electricians, builders, general maintenance workers and beyond.

Of all the practical clothing you might need for your job, work trousers are important. Many people make the mistake of simply wearing their normal trousers to work. This is not advisable and it is much better to buy specific trousers to wear for your job.

But what are the benefits of work trousers compared to wearing normal trousers?

C O S T   S A V I N G S

There is no doubt that work trousers are usually less expensive to buy than normal trousers. Preston work trousers are a great example of this and show just how much money you could save. When you think of how many pairs of work trousers you might buy in a year, the cost savings become apparent. For even better prices, you can usually find discounts on work clothing- especially if buying in bulk from one place

Of course, if you do not mind spending a little more, buying special workwear trousers is a much better investment than wearing your normal clothes. This is because they will stand up to the rigours of your job much better and last longer, such as our, which are designed just for that purpose.

D O   B R A N D S   M A T T E R ?

When deciding what trousers to wear at work, you have to settle on whether the label you wear really matters or not. Many people get obsessed with wearing their expensive normal clothes to work, so they can show off that it is from a high-end designer. Rather than wearing out your more costly normal clothes, you would be just as happy in less expensive work trousers.

If you do care about what label your trousers have, workwear can still deliver though. It is perfectly possible to rock great brands at work for a sensible price. CAT products, for example, can be sourced for great prices, as can Helly Hansen trousers. BRANDS FROM TOTAL WORKWEAR

S P E C I A L I S E D   P R O T E C T I O N

Work trousers are a better choice than normal ones because of the specialist protection they deliver, for example, workwear trousers can have padded knee protection included to protect your knees when working. The kneepad work trousers available to order from our store are a great example of this. Workwear trousers will also usually be made of more durable material and this makes them better for cut/abrasion protection or protection from the weather.

In terms of Health & Safety, it is clear that specific work trousers are the best option. The fact is that quality workwear will be designed to meet the latest health and safety standards. This is anything from hi-vis designs which help you stand out to flame retardant trousers keeping you safe from fire-related accidents, or disposable trousers for hazardous jobs. This is not likely to be true for your normal trousers!

Proper work trousers will also meet EN standards for workwear (such as EN 342 for protection against cold or EN 343 for waterproof/breathable clothing). Once again, it is not likely that your normal trousers are manufactured to these standards.

W O R K   T R O U S E R S   A R E   T R A D E   S P E C I F I C

Although practical work clothing is needed generally across businesses, each industry will have different demands on the clothing worn. Chefs for example will need food industry trousers which are made from cotton to keep them cool while working.

Those in the construction sector will need hi-vis trousers to make them easily seen in the dark. If you are a painter, you will find painters clothing which is easy to move in useful.

The problem with wearing your normal trousers to work is that they are not designed to cater to the specific needs of your job. This makes buying work trousers a smart move.

As well as being better in terms of protection and being industry-specific, proper workwear trousers also make your job more enjoyable. Work trousers with stretch fabric, for example, are just more comfortable to wear all day, whilst trousers with more pockets enable you to always have what you need at hand. Buying special trousers for work also takes away the hassle of deciding what to wear each morning.

K E Y   P A R T   O F   U N I F O R M

For many people, it is a fact that their normal clothes are just not allowed as part of their work uniform. This means buying eligible workwear becomes essential. If your employer has a uniform policy in place, they might also specify where you need to buy it from so the brand, style and colour are consistent.

They may also ask that the trousers you wear have the company logo on them. While this is impossible to get for normal trousers off the high street, logo embroidered workwear trousers are simple to find. If you own your own business, there is no doubt that using branded workwear to build your business is wise.

S E A S O N A L   W O R K   T R O U S E R S

When comparing normal trousers to work trousers, it is clear that proper workwear is better for seasonality. It just makes more sense to wear trousers like this which are appropriate for weather all year around. Thermal trousers for work will keep you much warmer on the job in winter than normal trousers. By contrast, lighter chino work trousers can be better than normal house jeans for staying cool during the summer months.


E A S Y   T O   R E P L A C E

Once you have settled on the brand and type of work trousers you like, it is very quick to replace them when required. Ordering new work trousers from your favourite online store is faster and much more convenient than trying to buy normal trousers. Buying normal trousers is slower because you have to sift through a much larger selection of clothes from multiple sites and work out which will fit.


You can see from the list above that there are many reasons to buy new trousers for work instead of using your old everyday trousers.

Take the time to think about what type you really need and would be the most sensible for the job that you do. It may be that you need a different type of workwear trouser for different parts of your job. And of course, dont forget to get the correct work trouser for the season


W O R K   T R O U S E R S   F R O M   T O T A L   W O R K W E A R

Please visit the Total Workwear website to view our extensive range of work trousers and contact us if you need any help or advice about buying trousers that will keep you safe and comfortable at work.

Browse our range today, or get in touch at if you need more help.



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