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10 Person HSE First Aid Kit - FA10

10 Person HSE First Aid Kit - FA10£14.57 (exc VAT)£17.48 (inc VAT)

First Aid Kit
24 LED Inspection Torch - PA56

24 LED Inspection Torch - PA56£4.34 (exc VAT)£5.21 (inc VAT)

Portwest Safety Equipment
3W CREE Torch - PA54

3W CREE Torch - PA54£9.92 (exc VAT)£11.90 (inc VAT)

Portwest Safety Equipment
7 L.E.D Rubber Torch - PA60

7 L.E.D Rubber Torch - PA60£3.80 (exc VAT)£4.56 (inc VAT)

Portwest Safety Equipment
Actifresh Insole - FC86

Actifresh Insole - FC86£0.96 (exc VAT)£1.15 (inc VAT)

Footwear Accessories
Barricade/Warning Tape - BT10

Barricade/Warning Tape - BT10£103.54 (exc VAT)£124.25 (inc VAT)

High Visibility
Base Pro Antibacterial Legging - B151

Base Pro Antibacterial Legging - B151£11.93 (exc VAT)£14.32 (inc VAT)

Portwest Workwear
Bell Comfort PU Foam Ear Plug (200 Pairs) - EP06

Bell Comfort PU Foam Ear Plug (200 Pairs) - EP06£19.76 (exc VAT)£23.71 (inc VAT)

Ear Protection
BizWeld Plus Replacement Lens - PW66

BizWeld Plus Replacement Lens - PW66£1.78 (exc VAT)£2.14 (inc VAT)

Safety Glasses - Goggles
Classic HV Ear Protection - PS40

Classic HV Ear Protection - PS40£3.33 (exc VAT)£4.00 (inc VAT)

Ear Protection
Clip-on HV Ear Protection - PS42

Clip-on HV Ear Protection - PS42£5.73 (exc VAT)£6.88 (inc VAT)

Ear Protection
Combat Sock - SK10

Combat Sock - SK10£4.03 (exc VAT)£4.84 (inc VAT)

Work Socks
Dual ID Holder Sew-On - ID20

Dual ID Holder Sew-On - ID20£9.14 (exc VAT)£10.97 (inc VAT)

High Visibility
Endurance HV Ear Protection - PS47

Endurance HV Ear Protection - PS47£7.83 (exc VAT)£9.40 (inc VAT)

Ear Protection
Folding Warning Triangle - HV10

Folding Warning Triangle - HV10£4.57 (exc VAT)£5.48 (inc VAT)

High Visibility
Gel Cushioning Insole - FC90

Gel Cushioning Insole - FC90£6.04 (exc VAT)£7.25 (inc VAT)

Footwear Accessories
Hi-VisTex Reflective Tape 100m - HV50

Hi-VisTex Reflective Tape 100m - HV50£51.54 (exc VAT)£61.85 (inc VAT)

High Visibility
Holdall Bag - B900

Holdall Bag - B900£10.93 (exc VAT)£13.12 (inc VAT)

Holdall Kit Bag - B901

Holdall Kit Bag - B901£17.82 (exc VAT)£21.38 (inc VAT)

Luggage Work Bags/Trollies
ID Holder - ID10

ID Holder - ID10£3.72 (exc VAT)£4.46 (inc VAT)

Helmet Spares
Medical Information Contact - ID12

Medical Information Contact - ID12£1.55 (exc VAT)£1.86 (inc VAT)

Helmet Spares
Memory Foam Insole - FC87

Memory Foam Insole - FC87£1.70 (exc VAT)£2.04 (inc VAT)

Footwear Accessories
Multi Pocket Travel Work Bag - B908

Multi Pocket Travel Work Bag - B908£26.27 (exc VAT)£31.52 (inc VAT)

Luggage Work Bags/Trollies
Multi Pocket Trolly Bag - B907

Multi Pocket Trolly Bag - B907£24.72 (exc VAT)£29.66 (inc VAT)

Luggage Work Bags/Trollies
Neck Tube - CS21

Neck Tube - CS21£3.33 (exc VAT)£4.00 (inc VAT)

Portwest Workwear
Non Slip Ice Grabber - FC94

Non Slip Ice Grabber - FC94£6.04 (exc VAT)£7.25 (inc VAT)

Footwear Accessories
Open Tool Bag - TB02

Open Tool Bag - TB02£13.48 (exc VAT)£16.18 (inc VAT)

Luggage Work Bags/Trollies
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Page 1 of 3:    73 Items
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