Waterproof Workwear

23 August 2023  |  Admin

The Helly Hansen Luna Collection for Women

In the world of workwear, comfort, style, and functionality are paramount. For women looking to excel in their respective fields while staying comfortable throughout the workday, the Helly Hansen Luna Collection offers the perfect solution. Designed by women, for women, this collection embodies the essence of modern workwear, ensuring that women not only feel confident but also perform at their best.

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2 Comments16 August 2023  |  Admin

The Helly Hansen UC-ME Range

The main feature of the UC-ME range is its unique glow in the dark hi-vis technology. VizLite DT has won many design and safety innovation awards.The Helly Hansen UC-ME has strips that charges by exposure to UV light, either natural or artificial. It quickly reaches its full charge in 5-10 minutes and glows for up to 8 hours. VizLite DT increases safety protects people by increasing their visibility in low light and dark conditions. The Helly Hansen UC-ME Range is perfect for your hi-vis glow in the dark workwear.

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19 June 2023  |  Admin

Why is Waterproof Footwear Important?

If you are someone who works outside, you likely understand the importance of having the right gear to keep you safe and comfortable on the job. One crucial component of this gear is your footwear. Waterproof footwear is especially important for people who work outside, as it helps to keep your feet dry and protected from the elements. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at waterproof footwear and what you should look for when choosing a pair.

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8 May 2023  |  Admin

The Difference Between Antistatic & ESD Footwear

Electrical resistance is an important characteristic of safety shoes. Movement and friction causes a build-up of electrostatic charge in the body. Shoes and clothing that are not conductive enough can increase this charge. At a certain point a discharge will occur. A discharge that is too high or uncontrolled can result in serious consequences such as an explosion due to spark formation or damage to electronic products and components in a working environment.

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17 February 2023  |  Admin

The Advantages of Waterproof Workwear

The main purpose behind wearing respiratory protection is to protect yourself against dangerous particles that could potentially cause cancer. Contact throughout decades may cause development of serious conditions. Filtering facepieces offer protection in three classes against aqueous oily aerosols, smoke, and fine particles during work. Their protective function conforms to the safety standard EN 149. This kind of facepiece is also known as particle-filtering half mask or fine particle mask and they are divided into the protection classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

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