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5 January 2024  |  Admin

Embracing 2024: A Year of Innovation in Workwear

As we step into the new year, the workwear landscape is set for an exciting transformation, marked by innovations that redefine style, comfort, and functionality. Join us on a journey into the top 3 workwear trends, technologies, and products that will continue to shape in 2024.

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4 October 2023  |  Admin

Box Reuse: Small Acts, Big Impact, Greener Tomorrow

In the modern era, where convenience often takes precedence, the significance of waste reduction is more pertinent than ever. The excessive production and disposal of packaging materials have led to overflowing landfills and environmental degradation. Reusing boxes emerges as a simple yet powerful remedy to this issue.

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20 September 2023  |  Admin

Finding the Perfect Work T-Shirt: A Guide to Comfort and Style

In the fast-paced world of work, finding the perfect work T-shirt is more important than you might think. A well-chosen T-shirt can enhance your comfort, boost your confidence, and make you feel your best throughout the day. In this guide, we'll explore the key factors to consider when searching for the ideal work T-shirt, ensuring you strike the perfect balance between comfort, functionality, and style.

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17 November 2021  |  Admin

Dare2B believes in the energy of sport. In the adrenaline of every heartbeat. In the bravery of every goal.

Ski, cycle, run or hike - Dare2B creates the best looking, most innovative products. So that those who wear their products can push themselves to their limits.....and then some.

Dare2B have been around for 20 years, and still their passion for sport remains unwavered.

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17 October 2021  |  Admin

These days, brand identity is everything. Customers like to be engaged by a story and see a unique identity they can build a rapport with, and that goes for the smallest of family firms as well as the largest of high street names .

In an age where online reviews are instant, and people can swipe past your business in a fraction of a second, building a strong, identifiable brand can make all the difference to your company’s success.

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17 October 2021  |  Admin

This is a question, or one much like it, that our team here at Total Workwear is asked on a fairly regular basis. There are answers and sometimes your choice is just your preference but in some curcumstances it is important to make the correct choice.

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3 October 2016  |  Geoff

Why branded workwear is good for your employees

Branded workwear has a number of advantages for your business, but it also has some benefits for the employees who wear it. It may seem surprising, but there are a few ways in which your employees gain from wearing work clothing that bears your company's logo.

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22 July 2016  |  Geoff

Why you should brand your workwear

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com, defined branding as “what other people say about you when you're not in the room,” and when it comes to workwear, that’s absolutely spot on. If you have engineers or delivery people - indeed, anyone who goes out to see customers - they are representing your company, just as much as reception staff or sales staff in your store, and it’s absolutely vital that they look the part.

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