American Airlines Corporate Wear

11 January 2017  |  Admin

Reports flying over the pond suggest that arrival of the new American Airlines corporate wear has not been well received.

Flight attendants say the new uniforms are giving them hives (a skin condition) and headaches.

The uniform was debuted on the 20th September and an ‘insider’ suggested over 400 members of staff initially complained about a wool allergy.  Since there were also complaints about cotton garments,  the company is issuing new polyester uniforms for staff who feel uncomfortable with the new work wear.  

The union acting for the employees is looking for an American company to test the clothing following a UK organisation carrying out the initial tests for the Airline.

There were complaints from some female pilots that the material was a little ‘see through’.

One thing for sure, this one won’t be landing anytime soon. Keep checking the arrivals board for updates!

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