Do You Need Flame Retardant (FR) Workwear?

25 January 2023  |  Admin

Do You Need Flame Retardant (FR) Workwear?

What is FR?

Flame retardant workwear refers to any garment that is specifically designed to be less likely to catch fire and to protect the wearer from flames and thermal injury. When exposed to fire, a lot of fabrics will ignite and continue to burn, or even melt onto skin. Flame retardant workwear is specially designed so that if it does ignite, it won’t continue to burn once the heat source is removed. This gives the wearer valuable time to minimize injuries. Workwear that is flame retardant is generally also designed so that it doesn’t break open when heated, which would expose the skin to further hazard and result in a potential increase to the severity of injuries.

Which workers need FR workwear?

As you know, hazards in the workplace are something that must be taken seriously. If your industry involves working with hazardous materials or in risky work environments, safety is paramount. Part of the safety considerations may be protective workwear. Wearing suitable clothing while at work is all part of compliance with safety regulations. If your work is included in the following list, you should be wearing flame retardant clothing for work:

 - Welders        
 - Fabricators        
 - Machine operators        
 - Sheet metal workers        
 - Mechanics        
 - Electrical workers       

What can FR workwear prevent?

Depending on the type of work you do, the clothing will have to protect you from different kinds of hazards. PPE for welders, for example, will protect from both low level and high levels of heat and metal splashes. PPE for flame and heat is rated depending on how much protection it provides. Flame retardant workwear can protect the wearer by limiting flame spread or offering protection from radiant heat.

Some workers may require protection from splashes of molten metal or contact heat; workers who require this protection should wear FR workwear specifically rated for this. Whatever industry you are in, it is imperative that you are compliant with safety regulations and wear the right flame retardant clothing.       



Stay safe on the job with our selection of flame retardant (FR) workwear. Designed to protect you from flames and thermal injury, our FR clothing is perfect for workers in industries such as welding, fabrication, and electrical work. Meet safety regulations and shop our collection today.

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