Why branded workwear is good for your employees

3 October 2016  |  Geoff

Branded workwear has a number of advantages for your business, but it also has some benefits for the employees who wear it. It may seem surprising, but there are a few ways in which your employees gain from wearing work clothing that bears your company's logo.

Feeling appreciated

In many workplaces where specialist gear is not required, it would be reasonable to ask employees to simply wear their own clothes and adhere to an appropriate dress code rather than providing workwear. However, having a specific, branded uniform and providing that workwear for them will help them to feel valued and like your business is looking out for them. It means that you are providing work clothes for them instead of expecting them to bring or buy their own, and ensures they look smart and professional. This is a small but potentially important way to make employees feel like the business they work for is supporting them. From a business point of view, employees are likely to work harder for a company they feel appreciates them, and be more loyal, which helps you retain your best talent.

Bring a team together

As well as helping employees feel more valued individually, providing branded workwear can help them feel like part of a team, and potentially even to feel a sense of family. Providing workwear that bears your logo will mark out each employee as a member of the team - and the “work family” that they belong to. Even if you have multiple sites and an employee visits premises they have never been to before filled with people they have never met, they will still clearly be able to recognise the uniform and identify people visually as belonging to the same group as them. This creates a sense of belonging and of fitting in, and also helps to create a better feeling of cohesion between team members. The practical results of this can include happier and more satisfied employees, better cooperation, and increased overall productivity.

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