FFP Respirators and Masks

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FFP Respirators and Masks

The importance of respiratory protection

The main purpose behind wearing respiratory protection is to protect yourself against dangerous particles that could potentially cause cancer. Contact throughout decades may cause development of serious conditions. Filtering facepieces offer protection in three classes against aqueous oily aerosols, smoke, and fine particles during work. Their protective function conforms to the safety standard EN 149. This kind of facepiece is also known as particle-filtering half mask or fine particle mask and they are divided into the protection classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

What is an FFP mask?

FFP stands for “Filtering Face Piece”, with the number corresponding to the level of protection the piece provides, 1 being the lowest level of protection and 3 being the highest. So, FFP2 and FFP3 are classed as respirators and not masks. In 2021, while the UK Government recommended that FFP3 respirators should be used during high-risk aerosol-generating medical procedures (AGPs), the FFP2 was the next best option for all other settings.

What's the difference between masks and respirators?

Standard disposable masks, such as surgical masks, are designed for one-way filtration, protecting others from the respiratory drops of the wearer. They're typically loose-fitting and don't tend to have a safety rating. Non-valved respirators like the FFP2, on the other hand, fit tightly to the face and give two-way filtration, giving a high level of protection to both the wearer and others. They're available in various types as well as being tested and certified to specific safety standards.



Respiratory protection is used to protect yourself against dangerous particles while you are working. Respirators and masks are therefore vital in workplaces that have an excessive amount of aqueous oily aerosols, smoke, and fine particles. The three classes of respiratory protection are FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 and at Total Workwear, we have 24 masks and respirators for sale that all fall into one of these three classes. Here's a link to all of our masks and respirators that we have to offer.

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