How many ways do you offer headline protection to your people?

3 October 2016  |  Geoff

We don't mean those dark-suited security guys to make sure no one hassles them on their way to a wild night out at the swankiest of nightclubs! That would probably be a step too far. However, around the workplace, it's worth checking that you are offering every kind of protection you can, across a wide variety of circumstances or environments. Here's a series of questions worth considering, all regarding just one part of the body...


So let's dive in head first: do all of your people wear safety glasses when necessary? Might it be better in some circumstances to change these for the greater area coverage of either safety goggles or even visors? Still concentrating above the neck, how many different situations might head protection be either necessary or advisable? This might include the obvious helmet - and these might even benefit, in certain circumstances, from being translucent or non-vented.

How about flame-retardant balaclavas, and possibly neck tubes for extra area coverage? Might it be better to go a stage further and provide complete welder style cape hoods? How about using a helmet and visor combined to cover two safety concerns in one? Is it worth also remembering that one of the dangers - even in the UK - to protect work-teams from is the sun? As well as baseball caps, it might also pay to protect from the cold with a beanie!

Protecting the hearing of workers was an area that, in the past, was often sadly ignored. Do you make sure that all members of your team are fully protected, either through the use of ear protectors or ear plugs (and these can even be banded together)? Apart from kitting out each individual, it might also be worth considering an ear plug dispenser for everyone to use as and when necessary. Finally, do you provide powerful head lights to be worn in circumstances where light levels may not be what they should?

A wide range of questions - not all will necessarily apply to your situation, as needs for, say, the health service, education, food industry and hospitality are very different from those of an oil, gas and engineering workforce. If you'd like to discuss your specific needs with one of our experienced Total Workwear team, please call 01482 822 333 now.

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