Personal protective equipment at work: regulations and safety boots

8 July 2016  |  Geoff

As employers, we all care on a personal and professional level about the people who work for us. That's particularly so when the environment they work in may cause a threat, no matter how small, to their safety and wellbeing.

Total Workwear have a commitment to quality and choice, and supply thousands of businesses, public sector organisations and schools up and down the UK with safety work boots. Did you know that we have 304 varieties of safety boots available for your company or organisation to buy?

But what does the law say? What, as employers, do we need to know about legislation protecting workers and how we need to comply with it?

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 was the original law requiring all employers to provide a safe working environment. This was beefed up in 1999 with two follow-up pieces of legislation. They were the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (MHSW) and the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (PPE).

MHSW broke new ground in requiring employers to conduct a risk assessment on the health and safety of their workers in all situations in which they were placed. If risks are found, it's the law that those risks must be reduced or removed. PPE stated that, if a risk was found, then protective equipment must be provided. Protective equipment includes footwear. It's here that Total Workwear have won a reputation as being one of the most innovative, customer-focused and price-sensitive suppliers to UK business.

By working with Total Workwear, you can reduce or remove the risk to your employees of:

• Slipping - we provide slip-resistant boots
• Getting their feet caught in machinery - safety boots provide superb protection
• Their shoe(s) being crushed or hit by an object - again, safety boots provide the answer, protecting feet from risk
• Nails or other sharp objects piercing the bottom of feet - we recommend puncture-resistant safety boots.

Total Workwear retails the very best safety work boots from well-known brands, like Portwest, Dickies, Hellyhansen, Himalayan and Tuff Stuff, as well as up-and-coming challengers. We only sell the very best in everything because we know that it's going to protect your staff from harm and protect your company from litigation.

Contact Total Workwear about our wide range of safety boots on 01482 822333 today to speak to our brilliant, responsive team.

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