The Advantages of Waterproof Workwear

17 February 2023  |  Admin

The Advantages of Waterproof Workwear

Why waterproof workwear is important

When it comes to unpleasant work environments, wet and windy weather can be one of the worst. That’s why, if you’re working outside on a miserable day, it’s crucial to own the right waterproof workwear to enable you to stay warm, dry and comfortable. Whether you are working on a construction site in the rain or handling an emergency outside in the dead of night, waterproof workwear is designed to handle whatever wet weather you may encounter.

What is EN343?

EN 343 is a European Standard for protective clothing that outlines a minimum level of protection against wet weather, with the whole garment construction taken into consideration, in addition to the fabric used.

Items are judged on two categories; the first (X) judges its ability to protect against precipitation, fog and humidity, while the second (Y) measures breathability in those particular conditions. They are then rated from one to three in these two categories, with three representing the highest level of protection and one the lowest. The information below is an explanation of the different classes in each category:

(X) Water Penetration Resistance

  • 1 - Minimum level of rain protection
  • 2 - Intermediate rain protection
  • 3 - Highest level of rain protection

(Y) Breathability

  • 1 - Not classified as breathable under EN343
  • 2 - Intermediate level of breathability
  • 3 - Highest level of breathability

These ratings are clarified on the CE label inside each item of waterproof clothing. The label includes the EN343 mark, and it is followed by two numbers to signify the water penetration resistance and the breathability. For example, an EN343 Class 3:3 label tells us that this garment has the highest level of waterproofness and breathability; see below for an example of what this CE label would look like.



To summarise, waterproof workwear can protect us against unpleasant work environments like wet and windy weather. The safety standard that waterproof workwear adheres to is EN343 and this judges each garments water penetration resistance and also its breathability. Here at Total Workwear, we are proud to offer our customers an enormous selection of waterproof workwear capable of making even the most challenging environments more tolerable.

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