The Apprentice candidates look great in workwear

7 October 2016  |  Geoff

One of the delights of the autumn TV season is watching the wannabe business leaders and power brokers of the future having to slip out of their fine cut suits and sleek power dresses, and dress down in some sensible and protective workwear on BBC's The Apprentice. They also have to abandon their suspicious attempts at individuality, notably Mukai Noiri sporting an orange bow tie this year, although any candidate will have to go some to beat series four's Lucinda Ledgerwood and her legendary collection of bright berets. 

Yes, these would-be entrepreneurs have to look just like the rest of us for a few of the challenges set before them over the 12 weeks of the show. Watching them struggle in the real world makes up for all their po-faced attempts at superiority and their hilarious efforts at business acumen. 

Some of the candidates could be the real deal, for example Jessica Cunningham runs a successful online ladies wear retail company. But that just makes us want to see her up to her elbows in fish guts or her knees in mucky recycling all the more (wearing the right protective gear, naturally!)

So, in many tasks, off comes the Savile Row and on comes the food preparation hairnets, splash proof coats, the big boots for farm work and high visibility wear for moving among vehicles and plant machinery. Watching the candidates struggle this year, we will see them struggling with industrial food processes, cycling like crazy through the streets, and out on the high seas - all in the name of making a profit.

Of course, while some of these 18 candidates may be headed for big salaries or a minor career on other reality shows, remember that you get to use your smartphone pretty much whenever you like. Also, you don't have the fearsome Claude Littner keeping a beady eye on your every move during a working day and you don't have to explain what went wrong to Lord Sugar at the end of it all. 

Whatever your job attire needs, we can provide the coveralls, bibs, coats and jackets, eye protection and specialist workwear for any trade or business - just get in touch to find out how we can help.

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