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3 October 2016  |  Geoff

Every workplace is different and has its own unique challenges. That’s why we at Total Workwear are proud to supply a wide range of uniforms and protective clothing items that are designed to deal with different hazards. In many hazardous workplaces, protective jackets are an important part of employees’ uniforms, so we’re careful to stock a broad variety. Some of our most popular options are thermal, waterproof, flame retardant and hi viz jackets. But what types of workplace should these jackets be used in? In this blog entry, we’ll look at the types of workplace where each kind of protective jacket needs to be deployed. If you work in any of these environments, you or your employer should consider investing immediately.
1. Thermal jackets
You may think that thermal jackets are only necessary in extremely cold environments, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Even moderately chilly temperatures can affect an employees’ performance if they are exposed to it for a protracted period of time. Employees should be kitted out with thermal jackets if their workplace is outside and likely to become cold. For example, if employees have to carry out manual work during the winter or throughout the night, they should be equipped with thermal jackets to help them remain comfortable and to ensure they can perform their jobs efficiently. Thermal jackets should also be provided in interior workplaces that have to be kept below room temperature, such as meat storage facilities and certain laboratories.

2. Waterproof jackets
Workers should have waterproof jackets available in any outdoor workplace. Even if it isn’t raining when work commences, it may start to rain at any time. Of course, water-proof clothing is also essential in very damp interior environments.
3. Flame retardant jackets
Flame retardant jackets should always be worn in environments where fire or extreme temperatures are an everyday part of work. For example, everyone working in an oil refinery or a smelting plant should obviously be equipped with flame retardant jackets. However, its also a good idea for employees to wear flame retardant jackets in environments where there is a high risk of fire. For example, they should be provided at construction sites and manufacturing facilities that use welding techniques, as we discussed in our recent blog entry on flame retardant clothing.
4. Hi viz jackets
Hi viz jackets should be worn in any environment where workers have to handle heavy or dangerous equipped. The jackets will ensure that they can see each other clearly, therefore reducing the risk of accidents. They should also be worn in outdoor environments where employees are likely to have contact with members of the public. Outside of controlled interior environments, there are a wide variety of unpredictable threats. Hi viz jackets make workers visible to the public and ensure that they won’t create additional hazards by colliding with employees or interfering with their work.
If your type of workplace was mentioned in today’s blog, you can find the jacket you need in our product pages.

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