Three environments where flame retardant workwear is essential

9 September 2016  |  Geoff

Here at Total Workwear, we understand that the workplace can be hazardous if you don’t have appropriate protection. That’s why we sell such a wide variety of life-saving workwear items. One of the most important types of clothing we supply is flame retardant workwear. While fire-resistant clothing is most often used in the oil and gas industry, many other workplaces could benefit from it. In today’s blog, we’d like to draw your attention to workplaces with fire hazards you may not have thought about. Flame retardant workwear can really help you or your workforce in these environments.

1. Manufacturing and assembly

If you work in the manufacturing industry and are directly responsible for producing high-quality products, your workplace may contain a high level of flammable substances or materials. After all, flammable materials can be used in the manufacturing process for a variety of domestic and industrial products. What’s more, your manufacturing process may involve welding or other high-temperature procedures (depending on the type of product you are making). It is important to remember that manufacturing workplaces are replete with potential fire hazards, even if fire isn’t used directly in the manufacturing process. Equipping yourself or your workers with flame retardant uniforms is therefore advisable. 

2. Construction and building

The construction of any large structure many involve high-temperature processes, such as welding (which we mentioned in Point 1). If you work on or run a construction site of any kind, you probably encounter potential fire hazards on a daily basis. In order to protect yourself and your workforce, it’s a good idea to invest in flame-resistant clothing. Of course, you should also ensure that you have highly durable safety helmets and boots, as well as anything else you need to protect yourself from the dangers of your site.

3. Disposal

Landfills, refuse centres and recycling centres all have to absorb or process huge quantities of flammable materials. Waste incinerators also pose a potential fire hazard, as you would expect. If you work in the disposal industry, flame retardant uniforms are a must-have.

Here at Total Workwear, we sell flame retardant workwear from top brands such as Bizweld and Dickies. If you need to protect yourself and your workforce from fire, take a look at our range today.

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