Unusual uses for PPE outside of work

3 October 2016  |  Geoff

It's perfectly acceptable to consider Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as workwear only, but if you live in a busy household, you may want to ponder additional uses for your protective gear.

Lego protection
Every parent knows the searing pain that only a stray building block can inflict on a bare foot. Child-birth was only half as bad. Why not pull on a pair of Doctor Martens [https://www.totalworkwear.co.uk/all-safety-footwear/dr-martens-air-wair-safety-boots-fs20z.html] and stomp around the kids' bedroom to your heart's content?
Barbecue preparedness
The Great British barbecue is notable for two things - rain and unexpected fire. Don a Dickies Flame Retardant Polo shirt [https://www.totalworkwear.co.uk/all-shirts-and-tops/dickies-flame-retardant-polo-shirt-fr5003.html] as well as a Helly Hansen Waterproof Jacket [https://www.totalworkwear.co.uk/all-coatsjackets/helly-hansen-haag-waterproof-breathable-jacket-71043.html] and this will leave you free to flip burgers in your garden, stress-free.
Spousal warming
When your significant other lovingly places their ice cold feet on yours at bedtime, you'll wish you'd invested in a pair of Himalayan work socks [https://www.totalworkwear.co.uk/work-socks/himalayan-work-socks-h870.html]. Ideal for the bizarrely cold-blooded partner in your life.
Kitchen dominance
We know you are a master of the kitchen. Your prowess with the pots is legendary. Your skills with a skillet are beyond compare. Perhaps a simple apron is not enough to show people how seriously you take your Croque-En-Bouche? Then it's time to upgrade to the full chef's outfit [https://www.totalworkwear.co.uk/chefswear-range.html]. You can even wear it while sitting watching The Great British Bake Off and dreaming of the perfect moist sponge.
Interior design
As any DIY fiend knows, you can't simply 'fix that mark on the wall'. No. You need to watch a dozen YouTube videos, buy all new painting equipment (because you forgot to clean the brushes from last time) and of course you have to look the part. Our painting overalls are professional standard and should easily attract admiring glances while you accidentally drip paint on the carpet [https://www.totalworkwear.co.uk/workwear-painters-clothing.html].
Medical assistance
Our range of health and beauty coats [https://www.totalworkwear.co.uk/coats.html] might come in handy the next time a tragic bout of man flu hits your household. Stylish, comfortable and most importantly washable, they are a must for every home.
Self protection
Forgot your anniversary? These handy coveralls [https://www.totalworkwear.co.uk/kneepad-pocket-coveralls.html] come with built in knee protectors, ideal for grovelling or deflecting sudden, sharp blows.
All of these Quality PPE items can, of course, be purchased for use solely as work wear and are suitable for a range of industries, but where's the fun in that?

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