Warehouse wear for the winter

12 August 2016  |  Geoff

In the warehouse, your staff are faced with the health and safety concern triple threat of staying warm, safe and visible.

Given that warehouses are often busy with people and traffic, contain heavy stock that needs to be stacked high and are particularly susceptible to cold weather due to the frequently opening doors and open plans, correct foot and workwear is of huge importance to your staff and their safety. Sometimes safety boots and uniforms, such as hi-vis jackets, might actually be a legal issue - failure to ensure compliance with safety regulations can result in heavy fines.

At Total Work Wear, we have all the kit your staff need for warehouse shifts in the winter months. Whether they need steel toe caps to protect them in the eventuality of dropping stock, warm fleeces for night shifts and when the temperatures drops or hi-vis jackets for visibility, we have the solutions that they need.

A Portwest Hi Vis Classic Bomber jacket [https://www.totalworkwear.co.uk/hi-vis-bomber-jackets/hi-vis-classic-bomber-jacket-c466.html], for example, provides both excellent insulation and visibility - perfect for cold days with less light. With handy pockets for ID cards and other items of gear, it is a hugely practical and durable item that won't let your staff down.

Elsewhere, the Dickies Talpa boot [https://www.totalworkwear.co.uk/safety-work-boots/dickies-talpa-boot-fd9208.html] combines a steel insole for incredible protection and durability, with a water resistant coating that protects feet from the elements. With an equally hard-wearing and gripped sole for reliable stability whatever the conditions, Dickies' Talpa boots are a cut above for a great deal of physically demanding work.

With only two products mentioned out of hundreds of great items, Total Work Wear is your one-stop shop for any practical work wear. Your staff are one of your most important assets as a business owner, and ensuring that they're safe is both important to you and them. A happy and safe workforce is a reliable and efficient one, and the strains of warehouse work can become burdensome to both body and mind if correct safety items aren't provided. Stay up to date, compliant and prepared today with Total Work Wear.

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