What is Suitable Workwear for Summer?

23 June 2023  |  Admin

What is Suitable Workwear for Summer?

As the temperature rises and the summer season sets in, it becomes crucial to dress appropriately for work without compromising comfort or style. While maintaining a professional appearance, it's equally important to beat the heat and stay cool throughout the day. In this blog, we'll explore some suitable workwear options that strike the perfect balance between professionalism and comfort during the scorching summer months.

Lightweight fabrics

Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or blends that allow air circulation and help wick away moisture from the body. These materials are excellent choices for summer workwear as they keep you cool and prevent excessive sweating.

Light colours

Dark colours tend to absorb heat, making you feel hotter. Instead, opt for lighter shades like pastels, whites, and neutrals. Light-coloured clothing reflects sunlight and helps keep you cool by reducing heat absorption.

Loose-fitting clothing

Tight-fitting clothes can restrict airflow, leading to discomfort in hot weather. Choose loose-fitting garments that allow better air circulation around your body.

Short sleeve shirts

Long sleeves may be more appropriate for certain workplaces, but if allowed, opt for short-sleeve shirts to keep your arms cool. Just ensure the design and fabric maintain a professional look while keeping you comfortable.

Breathable footwear

Wearing closed-toe shoes is often necessary for work, but you can still choose breathable options. Look for shoes made from lightweight materials like canvas or leather with perforations that allow airflow. Additionally, consider sandals or peep-toe shoes if permitted in your workplace.

Dress code compliance

While prioritising comfort, always consider your workplace's dress code policies. Some industries may have strict guidelines, requiring professional attire regardless of the weather. In such cases, opt for lightweight fabrics in appropriate cuts and colours to maintain compliance while staying comfortable.

Layering for temperature control

Indoor temperatures can vary, so consider layering your outfit for better temperature control. Lightweight cardigans or blazers made from breathable fabrics can be added or removed as needed. This allows you to adjust your clothing to match the temperature fluctuations indoors while maintaining a polished look.


Finding suitable workwear for summer that keeps you cool, comfortable, and professional is essential. Remember to prioritise breathable fabrics, choose light colours, and opt for loose-fitting garments. While adapting your outfit to the summer heat, always ensure compliance with your workplace's dress code policies. By following these guidelines, you can maintain your style and professionalism while beating the heat during the summer months. If you’d like to read more about summer clothing with our moisture wicking blog, click here. Alternatively,

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