Why are Torches Useful?

22 May 2023  |  Admin

Why are Torches Useful?

Torches are useful for many reasons, but the most important is that they are a must have item to use in emergency situations. They can be used as an emergency light source when there is no power available, like building sites without any electricity yet. Especially during the winter, it may be dark before your work is over and, in this situation, a torch would be a very useful method of lighting up your working areas.

Torches come with various features that make them beneficial depending on what you need them for, but overall, they are great items to own because they allow you to properly see what you're doing and not make any mistakes due to lack of light.

What is L.E.D and COB?

L.E.D stands for ‘’Light Emitting Diode’’, an L.E.D is a small piece of semi-conducting material that contains various compounds. When electricity is passed through these semi-conductive materials, light is emitted in the form of photons. This process is called electro-luminescence.

COB is a new technology that has changed the face of bulbs for the future, using silicon/chip technology COB lights now use less battery power while providing far superior brightness that is unrivalled by any other lamps on the market.

The efficiency of L.E.D light

An L.E.D light can produce the same amount of lumens as an incandescent while using only 25% of the power. Up to 90% of incandescent lights energy is heat created by electrical resistance filament (i.e they are more efficient as heaters than lights).

RoHS compliant

RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive is put in place to ensure all components of our electrical products that are RoHS compliant will not endanger the user. At Total Workwear, all our lights are tested to this standard with compliance.


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