Why Is Hi Vis Workwear Important?

23 January 2023  |  Admin

Why Is Hi Vis Workwear Important?

What is Hi Vis? 

High visibility workwear is a type of personal protection equipment (PPE). A large portion of the UK workforce will require Hi Vis PPE at some point during their career. PPE is a common requirement in many roles throughout the UK, and an employer must provide it. High visibility clothing is workwear that ensures the wearer is visible in high-risk situations. At Total Workwear, we provide a large range of Hi Vis workwear including; trousers, shorts, shirts, tops, coats, jackets, coveralls and more.


The most obvious reason for wearing Hi Vis workwear is that for a lot of industries in the UK, it is a legal requirement as it's a part of PPE. This comes from European legislation, that states safety workwear must be conspicuous in form and reflective in nature. Despite this being European legislation, high visibility clothing is governed by British Standard: BS EN 471. The CE kite mark also shows that the Hi Vis clothing meets the essential rigorous quality requirements.


As discussed already, Hi Vis clothing is a form of PPE. Its job is to keep you safe. Wearing Hi Vis clothing has been proven to prevent many accidents, fatalities included. Making sure staff stay visible on site is a very important part of health and safety at work. When working with machinery, on construction sites or around other large moving objects workers must be visible to each other to prevent an accident.


Identity is an especially significant note for those working in larger companies, with a big workforce, or when working within settings where the public are present. To be able to identify staff and authorised personnel at any location. The public, and any outside visitors will be able to identify staff members, which can be important at security gates. It can also create a sense of unity within the team, and broadly promote a company’s identity, where Hi Vis tops and vests should be worn, at the very least.



Stay safe and visible on the job with our wide range of high visibility (Hi Vis) workwear. From trousers and shirts to coats and coveralls, our Hi Vis clothing meets all legal requirements and safety standards. Browse our high visibility workwear selection and find the perfect PPE for your work needs.

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