Why uniforms aren't just about appearance

3 October 2016  |  Geoff

There are many benefits to wearing a uniform in the workplace. Any employer who hasn’t already implemented authorised workwear should certainly give it some thought - and quickly! On the surface, uniforms can be a lot about appearance. They can make a team look professional, promote unity between staff and also act as a form of branding. However, uniforms aren’t just about appearance. Instead uniforms have many other functions that can increase productively and keep the workforce safe. Here are three other elements that employers should definitely give some thought to.

Safety should always be at the top of the agenda in any workforce. Accidents can happen to anyone, whether they’ve been with a company for one day or for thirty years. Some industries – such as the hospitality sector – can be a lot more prone to accidents, too. Choosing an authorised uniform can help reduce the impact of accidents when they crop up out of nowhere. For instance, should a person wear flame retardant workwear when they come into contact with extreme heat, they will be much less likely to suffer from burns. All in all, uniforms send a message that safety is at the top of a workplace’s agenda.

Similarly to safety, the element of protection means that staff can go about their job without worrying about getting hurt. For instance, we see this with safety boots. Safety boots can be reinforced with steel, meaning that falling objects can barely be felt when they come into contact with the shoe. In other environments, safety boots allow staff to avoid serious compression against their foot.

There really is no overestimating the value of safety and protection. The same could be said for comfort. Staff should feel comfortable and relaxed at work – and often this can be the result of having an authorised uniform. If employers don’t implement a uniform, they run the risk of their workforce choosing the wrong clothing and being uncomfortable in their job. This in turn could have a serious impact on their overall production.

Authorised workwear is the way forward
You really can’t take any chances when it comes to safety and protection in the workforce. The best way to assure you avoid any accidents and keep productivity high is by investing in a uniform.

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