Workplace injuries significantly hamper business productivity, HSE says.

3 October 2016  |  Geoff

It goes without saying that injuries obtained in the workplace can hinder a company’s ability to perform at capacity. A worker with a broken hand can hardly be expected to work to their peak level, after all.

However, recent figures released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have highlighted just how detrimental workplace injuries are. According to the HSE, over 600,000 accidents and injuries were reported last year alone in the UK; that’s around one injury for every five employed people.

What's even more illuminating, is the HSE’s findings have revealed that these incidents resulted in approximately 4.1 million days of lost work. That’s an incredible number of days missed due to accidents, a large proportion of which would have been avoided if the correct safety processes were in place, or the right procedures followed.

Health and safety regulations are put in place to make workplaces less dangerous; however, when care is not taken by employees, or when rules and guidelines are ignored, serious accidents can quite easily occur.

For all businesses – large, small and everything in between – ensuring the wellbeing of staff members should be the number one priority. Not only do employers have a moral and legal obligation to take care of their workers, but it is the employees that help to drive the business forward. Without their hard work and technical ability, growing a company is all but impossible.

By outfitting members of staff in attire that is applicable to their work environment – be that flame retardant workwear, hi-vis jackets or safety boots – you, as the employer, will be carrying out more than just your obligations as a boss; you will be minimising the risk of staff being involved in harmful incidents, and will subsequently reduce absences due to ill health.

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