Workwear and PPE for Forestry

30 June 2023  |  Admin

Workwear and PPE for Forestry

Forestry is a critical industry that involves working in challenging environments with various hazards. Whether it's logging, tree felling, or forest management, the safety of forestry professionals is of utmost importance. One way to ensure their well-being is by using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In this blog, we will explore the essential forestry PPE and shed light on their significance in safeguarding workers.

Hard hat

A hard hat is an essential piece of PPE for forestry workers. It provides protection against falling objects, low-hanging branches, and impact from tools or machinery. Hard hats are typically made of durable materials such as fiberglass or high-density polyethylene, and they often have a suspension system inside for added comfort and impact absorption.

Eye and face protection

Forestry work involves exposure to flying debris, wood chips, dust, and harmful chemicals. To protect the eyes and face, workers should wear safety glasses or goggles with side shields. For more hazardous situations, such as chainsaw operations, a full-face shield or mesh visor can provide additional coverage.

Hearing protection

The constant exposure to chainsaws, heavy machinery, and other noisy equipment can lead to hearing damage. Forestry workers should wear hearing protection devices, such as earmuffs or earplugs, to reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. It's crucial to choose hearing protectors with the appropriate Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) for the specific noise levels encountered in the workplace.

Chainsaw protective clothing

Chainsaws are an integral tool in forestry, but they pose significant risks if not handled properly. Chainsaw protective clothing includes chainsaw chaps or trousers, chainsaw-resistant gloves, and sturdy boots with chainsaw protection. Chainsaw chaps are designed to stop a rotating chainsaw chain, providing a vital layer of defence against accidental contact.

Hand protection

Forestry workers' hands are exposed to various risks, including cuts, abrasions, punctures, and chemical exposure. Durable work gloves made of cut-resistant materials, such as Kevlar or leather, provide essential hand protection. It's crucial to choose gloves that allow for dexterity and grip while offering adequate protection.


Forestry work involves inherent risks, but with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the safety and well-being of workers can be significantly enhanced. From hard hats to chainsaw chaps, each piece of PPE plays a crucial role in safeguarding forestry professionals from potential hazards. By prioritizing the use of proper PPE and ensuring compliance with safety standards, we can create a safer environment for those working in the forestry industry.

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