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Are garments better printed or embroidered?

Wednesday, 5 October 2016  |  Maureen

This is a question, or one much like it, that our team here at Total Workwear is asked on a fairly regular basis.

There is no single 'right' answer, except perhaps for one technical detail. We have occasionally been asked to use embroidery on items such as waterproof jackets. It's worth remembering that, no matter how good this may look, thanks to a process that involves stitching, such jackets are no longer completely waterproof!  There is a way around this problem which involves a separate procedure but printed garments may be the sensible alternative in this situation.

That technical issue apart, it often comes down to personal preference. For example, some customers choose an embroidered product simply because they know that this embroidery is going to last at a high standard for a long time. It might also be the case, as it is for some of our customers, that the products you are considering for embroidery or printing are going to be presented as gifts for customers. In this case, the question to consider might well be: which finish will they be more impressed by?

Another plus point for embroidery is the impression of style, quality and permanency it can provide. For example, an exclusive golf club or high membership bowling club might like the way embroidery presents their badge, especially if the image has a more traditional feel to it.

On the other hand, high-use - and therefore washed - items might present better with a printed image. Printing can present a slightly crisper and sharper image, and this can be an advantage if the logo, images or message to be presented include some fine or intricate detail. Larger images, particularly if you are keen on the publicity possibilities they offer, might only be glanced at for a moment, and are therefore more likely to be printed.

One other technical point is that some of the many garments we provide have either coatings or finishings that simply won't allow printing to adhere properly to the surface. Of course, we'll always advise you if this is the case with your first choice of clothing.

Choosing printing or embroidery is often a matter of choice, while also taking technical factors into account. Whether you are looking for workwear or uniforms, perhaps protective clothing, or to provide garments for use in schools, colleges or a range of workplaces, our helpful Total Workwear team is always happy to discuss your printing or embroidery options. A quick call to 01482 822333 is all it takes!

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